The following bulls are available for sale private treaty.  Please call Kailey to schedule a time to come look at them.  All bulls have been i50K or HD50K tested to assure greater accuracy in their EPDs and to confirm parentage.

2019 Bull Calves

The following bulls will be available in the spring of 2020.  

SLED Innovation G06

Sire: MAR Innovation 251

Dam: Riverbend Lady Ida D270

DOB: 02/28/2019

Registration: 19654004

SLED Rainmaker G07

Sire: HD Dunn Rainmaker 5156

Dame: HD Dunn Miss 4207

DOB: 03/10/2019

Registration: 19654005

SLED Stunner G09

Sire: Musgrave 316 Stunner

Dam: SLED Priscilla E02

DOB: 03/14/2019

Registration: 19654006

SLED De Vinci G10

Sire: ICC 81T De Vinnci 2209 681

Dam: HD Dunn Blackbird 5244

DOB: 03/15/2019

Registration: 19654007


The following bulls have been sold and are hard at work on several different ranches in Wyoming!


AAA: 18589489

DOB: 04/17/2016

PAP: 38

D03 is a structurally correct, powerful bull with tremendous depth of rib and length of body.  With a 67 pound birth weight, +10 CED, +0.2 BW EPD, and a 50K test to assure greater accuracy in this EPD's, he will be safe to use on heifers.  

Thank you to Murdock Land & Livestock of Big Piney, WY for your purchase!


AAA: 1880839

DOB: 02/21/17

PAP: 43


E03 is an incredibly powerful bull out of a four year old cow and sired by Chisum.  If you are looking for a bull to add explosive growth to your herd, look no further.  E03 had a moderate 83 pound birth weight and has been packing on the pounds since he was born!   Phenotypically, he may have been the best bull calf in the 2017 calf crop.

He was consigned to the Wyoming Beef Cattle Improvement Association (WBCIA) bull test and sold on March 8, 2018.

Thank you to Martin Wardell & Son of Big Piney, WY for your purchase!



AAA: 1880840

DOB: 03/01/17

PAP: 41


E04 is also out of an excellent PAP scoring cow and sired by Chisum.  E04 has an impressive EPD profile with a CED of 7, BW of 2.0, WW of 63, YW of 118, and $B of $168.37.  His i50K profile is just as exciting with him ranking in the top 15% of the breed for WW, YW, SC, Doc, CEM, and CW.  He'll make the kind of cattle feeders desire.  E04 is extremely docile and will fit in in just about any herd.  I expect him to be a favorite among commercial cattlemen selling calves or yearlings. 


Thank you to Brown Ranch / Joe & Mark Brown of Evanston, WY for your purchase!



AAA: 18880844

DOB: 03/05/17

PAP: 41

E06 is a nice, moderate calf out of a first-calf heifer and sired by Charlo.  Charlo calves have been incredibly popular the past couple years.  With a 70-pound actual birth weight and BW EPD of -1.2, look at this bull for use on your heifers.  With a $W of $57.44, he should help add some profit to commercial ranches selling calves.


He was consigned to the Wyoming Beef Cattle Improvement Association (WBCIA) bull test and sold on March 8, 2018.

Thank you to Joe & Deanna Crofts of Riverton, WY for your purchase!


007AR Ira Hayes

AAA: 19218491

DOB: 02/16/18

Weaning Weight: 705 (10/02/18)

Yearling Weight: 1020 (03/06/19)

1B8 is a wide based heifer bull, out of a very nice Riverbend Blackcap cow.  He has good carcass traits and is an easy fleshing bull.  He has really been filling out lately and should continue developing into a nice bull.  This bull is docile and easy to be around.


Thank you to Milleg Ranch of Big Piney, WY for your purchase.


007AR Destined Traveler

AAA: 19224522

DOB: 03/13/18

Weaning Weight: 645 (10/02/18)

Yearling Weight: 910 (03/06/19)

2B8 puts together a unique, but great EPD profile with good calving-ease, strong growth traits, and exceptional scrotal circumference and marbling.  He also ranks in the top 25% of the breed for $B.  2B8 has really proven himself this summer and will continue to mature into a quality bull for any commercial cattle ranch.  With a PAP score of 41 (tested at 6880'), this bull will work at any elevation.  


Thank you to JF Ranch (Jay & Sandy McGinnis) of Big Piney, WY for your purchase.


SLED Ten Speed F00

AAA: 19227253

DOB: 02/16/18

Weaning Weight: 665 (10/02/18)

Yearling Weight: 1100 (03/06/19)

Current Weight: 1595 (11/5/19)


SLED Ten Speed F00 is a moderate framed, high performing Ten Speed son with tremendous rib shape and capacity.  He puts together traits desirable to today’s ranchers with his outstanding EPD profile. F00 is smooth through the shoulder and will be safe to use on heifers, yet still provides those strong growth numbers with WW and YW EPD’s in the top 10% of the breed at 69 (WW) and 126 (YW).  He comes from a commendable cow family that continually produces females to be retained in the herd, all exhibiting ideal conformation, flawless udders, and excellent fertility.    

Thank you to Hatch Land and Livestock of Randolph, UT for your purchase at the Utah Cattlemen's Classic Bull Show and Sale.  F00 was a AA grade bull and placed 3rd in his class.


SLED Hoover Dam F02

AAA: 19227254

DOB: 02/22/18

Weaning Weight: 790 (10/02/18)

Yearling Weight: 1150 (03/06/19)

Current Weight: 1700 (11/5/19)

SLED Hoover Dam F02 is the result of a combination of two of the most popular all-time sires in the Angus breed – Hoover Dam and Consensus 7229.  F02 exhibits a phenotypically attractive package with his exceptional length, rib shape, and hindquarter thickness.  He sets himself apart as he combines an admirable phenotype with an EPD profile that indicates above average growth, carcass traits, and $ values; including landing in the top 20% for WW and $B and top 10% for milk, marbling, and $W.  F02’s dam is a powerful cow that has made her way to the top of the herd by continually producing functional calves that top the scales each fall with the highest weaning weights.  

Thank you to Hatch Land and Livestock of Randolph, UT for your purchase at the Utah Cattlemen's Classic Bull Show and Sale.  F02 was a AAA grade bull, class champion, sixth overall angus bull, and third high selling angus bull.



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